Our Mission :
To reconcile pleasure and work!

Our coaching/training

 Boosting commitment through meaning

Share common values​

Professionalise management through a progressive training program

Better self-knowledge for better communication using the Process Communication Model

In 2023 Solar Management trained 2,500 people in Management and Communication with a 95% satisfaction rate.

Our Team

Founder and Managing Director

Stéphane MICHEL

At work

30 years’ experience in Management Consulting and Training:

  • Accompanying management teams in defining the company project and its DNA
  • Supporting change
  • Individual and group coaching
  • Development of managerial skills

After work

Father of 3 almost perfect children
Loves travelling the world to see “what it’s like elsewhere”!
Movie buff, big fan of Steve McQueen – whose production company was called… Solar 😉

Consultant - Project Manager


At work

10 years in marketing and strategic consulting at Ifop and Canal +

For the past 15 years, I have been coaching and working on personal development, specifically:

  • Individual and team coaching
  • Management and leadership training
  • Support for the olfactory sense through the creation of fragrances
  • Co-development
  • Team-building seminars
  • Personal skills assessment

And after work

  • Mother of 3 – turned home-based project management expert
  • Volunteer tutoring for students with learning difficulties to give and receive
  • “Air savate” for the energy it renews!
  • An avid reader of multiple literary genres, for the openness, confrontation and escapism it brings.
Consultant - Project Manager


At work

Human relations and business have been my DNA for 22 years: working up from shop manager, regional director and development manager for various brands (Morgan, Zannier, Promod)

Since 2010 :

  • Project management and leadership
  • Team management
  • Individual coaching
  • Skills development
  • Getting to know each other better and communicating better with PCM

And after work

  • Accomplished mum and wife! Call me Wonderwoman🙂
  • Lover of Life – I know how to get the best out of every moment – Viva la Vida.
  • Adrenalin driven: sports such as bungee jumping, parachute jumping, via ferrata (rock climbing), last minute trips!!
Consultant - Project Manager

Ludovic POLES

At work

Team leader at Decathlon and Heytens for 8 years
Training manager at Heytens for 4 years

Coach and training consultant since 2010:

  • Development of managerial skills,
  • Accompanying & supporting change,
  • Improvement of interpersonal communication,
  • Project management,
  • Individual and group coaching (certified trainer),
  • Optimizing customer relations.

After work

  • Father to two daughters who love sport as much as I do!
  • Big extreme sports fan: ultra-trails, marathons, triathlons
  • Learning something new and challenging myself every day is essential
Consultant - Project Manager

Fréféric LACOMBE

At work

  • Marketing, communication and training in soccer for 12 years
  • Consultant – project manager in a consulting firm for 8 years
  • Coaching of leaders and managers
  • Change management and support
  • Field coaching of local managers
  • Certified Process Communication Model since 2019
  • Worked on the development and management of a people services structure (recruitment, management, development, etc.)

After work

Father to a son and daughter – and a cat

Passionate about many sports.

  • Soccer referee for 26 years
  • Marathon runner since 2022
  • Volunteer for the PARIS 2024 Olympic Games
Consultant - Project Manager

Sébastien MOTECHIC

At work

“Choose a job you love and you will not have to work a day in your life” Confucius
I have always seen the human capital in an organisation as key to its differentiation and performance.
Started out as an operational manager, going on to become a training director in large retail groups.

I am a consultant, trainer and coach, accompanying managers to reconcile leadership, pleasure and performance:

  • Individual, group and team coaching
  • Seminars on team building, definition of company projects and change management
  • Team management, communication, efficiency and personal development

After work

I manage to enjoy all the special moments of daily life that make it all worthwhile
Feel absolutely fulfilled in my roles as husband and father to my kids.
Whenever I can, I take to the highways driving across America – never failing to be amazed at it all.
Love to whip up some delicious Italian meals and welcome some friends round for dinner.

Consultant - Project Manager

Stéphanie NONCENT

At work

The credo I like to share through my work: “Become what you are” – Nietzsche

12 years’ experience in digital project management, web marketing, communication and a lifelong passion for human relations.

Since 2015, I’ve been leading conferences and training courses through 2 areas of expertise for which I’m certified: neuroscience and positive psychology. The aim being to draw on these latest discoveries in order to bring out the full potential of each participant through my interventions:

  • Our brain’s secrets for better stress regulation
  • Developing emotional intelligence
  • Positive communication for effective relationships
  • Developing positive leadership
  • Identify and develop your strengths to unlock your potential

Passionate and certified in cardiac coherence, I am the author of the book “Défi 30 jours de cohérence cardiaque” published by Éditions Eyrolles.

After work

Happy Mum to 3 beautiful children
Active basketball player since the age of 9
Volunteer with Rêves, the association that helps dreams come true for very seriously ill children

Consultant - Project Manager


At work

20 years of experience in team management in the retail (Auchan) and telecom (SFR) sectors and 6 years in consulting, HR development and training
This part of my career enabled me to develop both a very operational approach to management and a strategic vision of the company
I strongly believe each one of us is a talent in the making – only waiting to be revealed!

After work

A huge fan of my husband’s and daughter’s comedy talents
Love discovering new countries, new cultures – “Travel broadens the mind”, as we all know so well.
Lover of pop culture and anything out of the ordinary

Consultant - Project Manager


At work

An ethnologist and Germanist by training, throughout my career I have worked in various companies and organisations in France, Japan, Thailand, Guatemala and Australia.

Since I became a Coach and Trainer in 2005, I have been working on Management and Leadership, Communication, Change Management…

All professional tribes interest me and I have the pleasure of working with a wide variety of sectors (Industry, Retail, Luxury, Social, Banking/Insurance, Consulting, Culture…). I am passionate about accompanying my clients in a challenging, but benevolent manner, towards what inspires them to give the best of their possibilities.

After work

What energises me? A good boxing session, a simple and joyful moment with my loved ones or a walk on my favourite Greek island with a view looking overlooking the sea…

Consultant - Project Manage

Christel FAVIER

At work

4 years experience as a lawyer specialized in social law
9 years experience as an in-house lawyer responsible for social law and Quality of Life at Work, directly cross function managing my teams at EDF, MORGAN, MACIF.

Now working as a consultant, trainer and facilitator, helping organisations to put people at the heart of work transformations:

  • Using collective intelligence to improve the work and experience of employees
  • Developing skills and new management practices
  • Developing the quality of interactions and cohesion within teams and organisations
  • Supporting change

After work

Mother of two very lively little girls
Painting (acrylic and watercolour)
Baking for my family and friends
Games – especially board games with my children and taking on various challenges
Sharing a good meal with friends
Dancing, singing and simply having a good laugh with friends and family !

Consultante - Chef de Projet

Bérengère OUTREBON

At work

After 5 years of Management in Sales Administration in the pharmaceutical industry, I decided to train and become a coach.

And for the last 10 years, I have been coaching sportsmen and women, as well as corporate managers, in team or individual coaching sessions:

  • Mental Preparation
  • Ericksonian Hypnosis
  • Process Communication®

After work

As I am married to a professional footballer, I have had to move house 20 times, while caring for our three children. Thanks to this particular expertise I have developed, I decided to found and run an association whose mission is to provide support & aid for partners of top athletes.
I love travelling and meeting new people.

Consultant - Project Manager

Géraldine FILIPPI

At work

With a degree in Economics and Law in hand, I started my career in the tourism industry as a golf instructor and then moved to New York in 1996, where I was the right-hand woman to actress Isabella Rossellini. I then became the director of the Italian Culinary Institute in New York before joining the Japanese company Dentsu as the Director of Communications.

In 2000, I started working for the ‘French Agency for International Investments’, now ‘Business France’, where I held several positions in many countries around the world (United States, United Kingdom, Turkey, Spain). After 25 years of international work, I have been living in London, from where she manages the UK & Ireland zone.

I am also a lecturer on management, adding an intercultural dimension to my speech, and a certified trainer in Process Communication.

After work

I speak French, Spanish, English and Turkish
I live with my two children and spend my free time playing golf, boat paddling, trapeze artistry, Argentinian tango dancing and cooking.

Consultant - Project Manager


At work

My conviction: be aligned with yourself and your team, allowing each person to fully express what he or she is, to feel responsible within a defined perimeter and to work in an authentic team are the keys to economic and human performance.

I worked in this direction during my years as a manager and director at STELENTIS and Louis VUITTON, relying on people to help us adapt and succeed together in the face of the industry’s profound transformations (pace, organization, strategy and culture).

Since 2020, I have been working as a coach and training consultant:

  • Development of managerial skills
  • Improving interpersonal relations and communication
  • Individual and team coaching

After work

Life is too beautiful not to marvel at it and live it intensely!
I have been playing rugby for 25 years and today share my passion with my 3 sons.
Whether it’s running, hiking or enjoying good food, I’m happiest when sharing my time with friends.

Consultant - Project Manager


At work

Human coaching has been a vocation for over 15 years, with the aim of triggering positive change and impact:

  • Graduated in psychology, then in human resources.
  • For 7 years: Training manager in the university, luxury goods and entertainment sectors, helping to raise the skills of teams in line with the company’s strategic challenges.
  • For almost 5 years: Trainer and coach in emotional and relational intelligence, for more authentic, positive and courageous relationships.
  • My favorite subjects: individual and collective development: self-knowledge and knowledge of others, communication and management, all sprinkled with a bit of fun and exciting discussions.

After work

  • Spend 8 hours in the kitchen making a trompe-l’oeil burger cake? Whenever you like!
  • Board games, video games, role-playing games or escape games – as long as it’s got the word “game” in it, save me a seat.
  • My fondest travel memories? The landscapes of New Zealand and the wildlife of Costa Rica. But also the lakes of Croatia, hiking in Madeira, the ruins of Rome… I’m a tireless wanderer!
  • A cosy throw, a chai tea latte that smells of cinnamon and a cat dozing on my lap – these are the joys of telecommuting for me > Big clue to my Process Communication base!
Consultant - Project Manager


At work

  • 25 years’ experience in team management. From oil to Tech, from industrial groups to startups, in France and abroad, I feed off encounters and accompany organizations in their transformation!
  • As a visiting lecturer in faculties, I pass on, exchange and understand the motivations of future professionals
  • Today, as a Trainer, Coach and Consultant, I continue to accompany talented people on their path, with seriousness and pleasure

After work

  • Spending quality time with family and friends, enjoying good food and wine…
  • Curious, I like to travel, discover cultures and experience diversity
  • Private pilot since 2014 to get away from it all and get some height
  • I’m a racket sports fan, to keep up
Consultant - Project Manager

Salima KONE

At work

With a DEA in labor law and a Master’s in HR, I’ve been devoting my career to identifying and unlocking human potential for the past 18 years.

Every day I work on :

  • Acquiring Tech and IT talent for CAC 40 groups and then for start-ups
  • HR strategy consulting and coaching for CEOs and COOs
  • Developing managers’ skills through co-development and collective intelligence
  • Training in recruitment and sales/hunting techniques and softskills assessment
  • Facilitation of Process Communication Model seminars

After work

  • I’ve been coaching and running sports events for over 15 years
  • A fan of soccer and of my 2 footballers, I sing Gospel, soul and RnB!
  • A true epicurean, I love discovering new countries and, above all, their culinary delights


King of the cool  !

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